My shortbread by Delia’s recipe

Shortbread. This cookie has been one of my favourites since I came to United Kingdom. I like it because it tastes like butter cookies.

I had been looking for the recipe and how to make it until I found Delia Smith‘s recipe: simple and easy making! It doesn’t take long time and complicated ingredients.

So I decided to follow Delia’s recipe: Home-made Scottish Butter Shortbread. It is better to read Delia’s review about the shortbread before you make it by yourself as you can read it here: All About Shortbread.

I’ve been making this recipe ever since with different flavour such as vanilla by adding vanilla extract one fourth (¼) teaspoon and also adding another ingredient such as chocolate chips, raisins, and sesame seeds, which its amount is up to me.

At the first time I made this cookie I had no semolina. I used corn flour instead based on Delia’s article of semolina with the same amount that stated on the recipe and it turned fine. And so based on that my experience I have shared this recipe to my Indonesian friends as you can see here: Shortbread dan Alex Ferguson and Shortbread.

I don’t use golden caster sugar for dusting since I found this cookie is sweet enough for me.

So, why not have a go, my friends? Give it a try!

My first experiment of the shortbread

My shortbread with sesame seeds


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