My Scone by Delia Smith’s recipe

Scone. It is one of my another favourites cookies after shortbread that originally from United Kingdom (UK), Scotland to be exact. Basically it is a sort of bread.

Scones are nice to be eaten with jam or whipped cream or even only with spreading butter. It is a good companion for your tea or coffee.

There are many varieties of the scones such as plain scones, fruit scones, chocolate scones, and cheese scones. I’ve never tasted the chocolate ones.

Scone is my first experience in term of baking English’s recipe. I didn’t use the recipe of DeliaOnline at first time and its result was not satisfy me. So at the second time I tried Delia’s recipe that is slightly different with the first one since she uses buttermilk in her recipe. I was satisfied with its result and so I always follow her recipe ever since and been making different flavour by adding some ingredients such as sesame seeds, raisins, cinnamon powder, orange peeled (grated), and other dry fruits that suit to mix in the scone.

I’ve been shared this recipe to my Indonesian friends as you can see it here: Scone dari Resep Delia Smith and also I’ve posted it on my Facebook. The reasons why I share it because this recipe is very simple and once again easy making! Also all the ingredients are easy to find in Indonesia. I use buttermilk substitute instead since it is too expensive for me to buy it.

Here Delia’s recipe: How to make scones.

Would you like to have a go?

My fruit scone

My fruit scone with thick cream and jam

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