My Fruit Crumble by Delia’s recipe

Crumble…the crumble…oh, crumble! One time a friend of mine invited me for a Christmas dinner and she made an apple crumble dish for the dessert. It was my very first time to have it and I seemed like couldn’t get over it! Oh yeah, baby, love at the first sight is not only apply for human beings but also for the crumble!

I was so curious for the recipe after had it few times. My friend has given me her own recipe but I was just too lazy to remember it or even to write it down on a piece of paper. So I started browsing on internet and once again I ended up on DeliaOnline! What my baking saviour she is! Apparently it is so easy and simple to make fruit crumble.

Actually I used the crumble mix instant on my first experience to make it. It was fine but since I got Delia’s recipe then I started to make it by myself. I’ve been using her recipe with different kind of fruit such as: peach, British old apple, Victoria plum, damson plum, or other plum. I even sometimes mix some fruit for the filling.

Two recipes that I have used from Delia are: Raspberry Crumble and Apple and Almond Crumble.

Since the recipe is so simple and easy making then I have shared it with my Indonesian friends as you can see it here: Crumble: Hidangan Penutup dari Queen Elizabeth and Apple Crumble by Delia Smith’s recipe.

My fruit crumble

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