My delicious Raspberry Muffins with Chocolate

Muffin. This cake has several types as you can read it on Wikipedia: English muffin, Corn muffin, and Muffin Cups (American muffin). And this time I want to write about American Muffin because it reminds me of an Indonesian cake called Bolu Kukus (Steamed Sponge Cake). They both look similar also with their texture and they both are my favourites! Unfortunately I have no steamer to make the Steamed Sponge Cake. Poor me!

Anyway I’ve been learning to make the American muffin in the past few weeks. Apparently its recipe is quite simple and easy making. The only thing that you need to be careful is not to over mix the batter. Otherwise your muffin won’t stay light.

I follow BBC Good Food‘s recipe to make my Raspberry and Chocolate Muffins and here they are:

My muffins were ready to baked

My delicious muffinsI am still tempted to make another variation of muffin!

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