A Funny Story of My Cats

My Kitty Mama

My Kitty Mama

Few months ago I got two cats from a neighbour of a friend of mine. The first one I got is a female and black cat called Katie. She liked to wandering around my friend’s garden at the time. So my friend fed her every time she came around. She didn’t know whose Katie belonged to and wondered whether she is a wild cat without home. So my friend took an action by calling a cats protection to get advice what she should do with Katie. The cat protection suggested her to contact her neighbour to find out whether one of them is the owner of Katie. Following the instruction from the cats protection then my friend finally found Katie’s owner. Apparently Katie has four children that grew older nearly a year at the time. It seemed like Katie didn’t like the circumstances on her former owner since the owner also got two dogs and she felt like she was pushed away. This personality of Katie I noticed when I got my second cat nearly a month later after her which was one of her children. Katie’s former owner agreed to give up her to be looked after by me after she had a talk with my friend.

My second cat is Katie’s child that also been wandered around my friend’s house at the time. There was a funny story about this. When the former owner gave me Katie’s child, she told me that it was a tom cat (male) so I called him Tommy. After about two weeks having him, I noticed that his belly looked bigger. I assumed that he probably got worm so that’s why his belly looked bigger. I left it for a while by not gave him any treatment. But then every day his belly looked bigger and bigger and it made me worry so I decided to give him a worm syrup once about two weeks later.

One night about a week after I gave him the worm syrup he was sleeping under my blanket which was unusual because he was like hiding under the blanket. I let him to sleep on my bed though as same as his mama. So I let him slept there below my feet. In the next morning before 07 a.m when I was still sleeping, one of my feet touched something wet on the bed accidentally and it woke me up panicky. What came up straight away in my mind was Tommy’s worm was coming out on my bed! OMG! So I got up quickly looked for him and apparently he was lying next to me and all I could see was something black and quite big coming out from his bum! “OMG, please, it wasn’t true!” I was hoping. I run quickly downstairs to get a bin bag and went back to my room and then I noticed it clearly that Tommy was giving birth! It was not a worm at all but a kitten! What?! I pinched myself to make sure that it was real and apparently it was! Gosh, I was in a situation between terrified and relieved but confused! I did not think it in million years that Tommy was actually a female cat that was pregnant when I just had him. I didn’t know it at all since it was my first time to pet a cat. I didn’t have a clue or whatsoever.

I was just sitting on my bed and waiting for ‘Tommy’ to deliver birth to ‘his’ babies. I grabbed my laptop and searched on internet to find out about cats give birth: how long it would take, how many in general they would deliver kittens, what I should do, and so on. Finally ‘Tommy’ delivered three kittens, two males and one female, after struggling for about seven hours. Since then I’ve changed ‘his’ name and now called her Kitty mama or Angel. She is a black and white cat. Every time I look back on this story it makes me laugh due to my lack of knowledge about the cats.

As I have mentioned it earlier about Katie’s personality then I had to give up her to be looked after by my friend due to the kittens. I had tried to introduce her to the kittens patiently but it just didn’t work. She didn’t like it when the kittens had started playing and wandering around the house. She always stayed outside the house since then and only came in for the food. It was a good news when my friend who was feeding her before said the she wouldn’t mind to pet her. It means I am still able to get in touch with her since I always visit my friend regularly twice in a week. Now my friend called her Trickle.

My Kitty Mama

My Kitty Mama

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