Cat Does Watch Supersize vs Superskinny!

One of my kittens liked to watch TV. He could sit there quietly watching TV.

My Owen1

What is Dr. Christian going to do with that woman? Miauww...


My Owen2

What is that? It looks delicious...miaaauuwwww....


My Owen3



My Owen4

OMG! What is that?! Miauwww...miaauuuwwww....


Photos by Inge, July 2011

11 thoughts on “Cat Does Watch Supersize vs Superskinny!

    • aha…thanks for your compliment, Katie 😉
      yes, that’s my kitten Owen. Unfortunately I had to gave him away to a new owner since I couldn’t manage financially by keeping four cats. How sad is that 😦

    • gak juga, mas Ragil…memang si Owen senang duduk di depan TV…anteng aja…mungkin dia tertarik dgn gambar2x yg bergerak 😆

      jadi gak perlu pengarah gaya 😆

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