Mango and Home-made jam of Damson plum and Old British Apple Meringues with Mascarpone

My dessert1

My Mango and Home-made jam of Damson Plums and Old British Apples Meringues with Mascarpone

Mascarpone. Meringues. What are they? I had never heard them before until one day I went to a supermarket and got the Mascarpone for a reduce price. I just bought it although I had no idea what that is for. I was just too curious. Soon after I got back home I went online and searched it on DeliaOnline. I found a lots of recipe that use the mascarpone. Great! That means now I needed to chose one of those recipes. I decided to chose Mango and Passion Fruit Meringues with Mascarpone since I had one mango left though I had no passion fruit. But what is that the meringues? Pfff….once again I searched on DeliaOnline and finally got her recipe on how to make meringues. Apparently I’ve seen few times on TV program for cooking about it but just didn’t know its name since I didn’t pay attention. Poor me.

Perfect! Perfect! That means everything was under control though I had no the passion fruit. I used home-made jam of damson plum and old British apple instead. I also run out of a greaseproof paper but it I didn’t give up. I used some muffin cases instead. “Tak ada rotan maka akar pun jadi”, an Indonesian saying, means do a substitute.

So here my Mango and Home-made jam of Damson plum and Old British Apple Meringues with Mascarpone (a copy recipe from DeliaOnline):

My dessert2

My home-made meringues


My dessert3

My meringue and mascarpone


My dessert4

Anyone? Fancy?

 I thought this dessert would be very sweet due to the meringues but it is not. The taste of the mascarpone makes it balance and it’s just so delicious.

I’ve seen a video on Youtube that said the meringues can be stored in an airtight container for up to one week. Also it can be served with whipped cream and fresh fruit.

That’s it for now!

6 thoughts on “Mango and Home-made jam of Damson plum and Old British Apple Meringues with Mascarpone

  1. tempting,:)

    Marcarpone has a bit awkward taste bt aftr u mix it wd other things,then it would be something delicious.

    I dnt really lke fruit so then i’ll change it to chocolate or coffee instead,hahaha

    • You are right, sista. Mascarpone on its own doesn’t taste so good. I even found it tastes like coconut milk, hahhaahahahahaha

      I prefer you change it with coffee since the meringues itself tastes quite sweet.

      I am looking forward to see yours…hahahahahahahahaa

    • hahaha..thanks for the compliment, Mark. I am not an expert though, LOL. I just like to try some recipes as long as they are simple to follow. Otherwise I wouldn’t make it, LOL.

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