Unfathomable Eyes ~ Mata Dewa

I always like to observe the cloud because it always shows me unfathomable painting of the universe.

If you look at the pictures in detail then you might able to find ‘two eyes’ in the cloud.


Mata Dewa1

Unfathomable Eyes ~ Mata Dewa


Mata Dewa2

Unfathomable Eyes ~ Mata Dewa


Photos by Inge, Rivington Pike, United Kingdom, October 2011

11 thoughts on “Unfathomable Eyes ~ Mata Dewa

  1. Gorgeous! And I like how the second photo seems brighter and more emphatic– kind of a time-lapse effect. Yes, it’s one of those scenes where you feel that you have captured the whole universe, if only for a split-second. Great job!

  2. Wow, I can totally see the eyes. This is an awesome work of photography. I mean the lake, the light, the dark clouds, all is simply perfect! 😀

    Thank you for visiting my blog, really appreciate that. 🙂

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