A Summer Couple

I took these pictures in the summer where I was practicing a lot to take close up pictures. I always love to see the close up pictures of the insects or flowers and these ones were my first experience to capture the moment between the bee and the flower. I used my Samsung Digimax A7 camera.


My flower and the bee1

A summer couple


My flower and the bee2

A summer couple


My flower and the bee3

A summer couple


My flower and the bee4

A summer couple (This one is quite blur)


Where there is a flower, there is a bee.


Photos by Inge, Summer 2008, Liverpool, United Kingdom

13 thoughts on “A Summer Couple

    • I cannot agree more with your comment and thanks very much for the compliment, Katie. Thanks very much for your support, really appreciated! πŸ™‚

  1. Great pics Inge! I love the flower pics with bees…. πŸ˜‰
    And thanks for your comment and following! If you know some great music from Asia(I don’t know much about), please write me a Music-Suggestion πŸ™‚

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