My Lost Moon

This picture I took in 2008 if I didn’t make mistake. First time I published this picture on my old blog at Y!360 where I joined a fun event called Picture Perfect Friday (PPF) and the theme at the time was black and white. The event was run by a lady who loves photography and every week on Monday she gave us a new theme for the PPF. It was a very nice event or program because every Friday we could see lots of beautiful and very creative pictures since people had different interpretation of the theme that we could see on their work. Now they have moved to Multiply for blogging there due to the Y!360 been shut down.

As far as I can remember I took this picture when there was a lunar eclipse in Asia especially in Indonesia in 2008. Also I remember that it was my first time to snap the moon which I’d been longing for long time while I still learned to get used to with my Samsung Digimax A7 camera.

I tool lots of pictures at the time and I think this one was my best shoot ever! Unfortunately I’ve lost the files of these moon. This one is the one that left but it is not the original one in term of the size of the picture. What a tragic!

Now I have to called this picture as My Lost Moon 😦

My moon

My lost moon

6 thoughts on “My Lost Moon

    • jiah, Naz…ini juga modal hasil keberuntungan hahahahhahahaahahaha….padahal cukup dingin saat itu dan waktu itu masih belajar mengenali kameraku. jadi jangan tanya gimana caranya, karena ini juga masih meraba2x dan beruntung banget bisa dapat hasil spt ini. ini sudah bukan file asli, krn yg asli hilang. ini dulu saya posting di blog lama di Y!360

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