Indefinite Image: The Bright Against The Dark

These pictures of my fireplace have just been taken by now! I’ve been inspired by katie’s camera blog with her ideas of Photography as Abstract.


I took these pictures using Kodak EasyShare C713 and set it for night portrait. I moved my camera diagonally after released the shutter. So tonight was my first experiment and hope I could practice more to get better and better.

Thanks for the inspiration, Katie!

My Indefinite Image1

Indefinite Image


My Indefinite Image2

Indefinite Image

My Indefinite Image3

Indefinite Image


My Indefinite Image4

Indefinite Image


My Indefinite Image5

Indefinite Image


Photos by Inge, United Kingdom, November 2011

11 thoughts on “Indefinite Image: The Bright Against The Dark

    • Makasih, Santy sayang. Lagi belajar buat photo abstract spt yg link diatas itu.
      Selamat menikmati pertambahan usiamu ya..semoga selalu dalam lindungan dan bimbinganNya, amiin 😉


    • hahhhhhahahahhahahahaahahahahaha…thank you, Mark. Hope you wouldn’t mind to send me your marshmallows, LOL 😉

      Thank you, Mark. Thanks very much for your support 🙂

  1. I am so very honored, Inge! Truly. I’m so thrilled that my photography has inspired you.

    I love these images too. My eye sees different things in each one which is so fun. If you didn’t see my photo of flames I posted a while back, here it is: . It’s not a moving shot though, but just a capture, but i love it. 🙂

    Thanks again, Inge! Love your images and can’t wait to see more. 🙂

    • You are very most welcome, Katie. Your ideas of photography as abstract is just brilliant. I found that at the end I could really enjoy the photography. I could play with blur pictures 🙂 .

      Thanks once again for the inspiration and your support! 🙂

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