9 thoughts on “Sunset in Blackpool

  1. Very cool and dramatic– love the high-contrast. That looks like a golden path out there on the water. If I had a horse I’d take him out there and ride into the sunset!! : )

    Nice one, Inge!

    • Thanks for your comment and the compliment, Mark! To be honest there is a little ‘damage’ on this picture as you could see a black dot on the left top of the picture due to the bright sunset against my camera.

      I should had corrected first before uploaded it, shouldn’t I? 😀

      Thanks once again, Mark! 🙂

      • Actually, it’s not a bad thing to see the flaws in a work sometimes; like hearing some fret buzz or a slurred note in a guitar solo– makes it seem a bit warmer, more human. Good to know you’re not perfect!! (well, at least not all the time… : )

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