Oat Crunchy Biscuits – Flapjack likely

Oat Crunchy BiscuitsFlapjack likely? Yes, I called it like that since this biscuit reminds me of Flapjack that sometimes I buy in the supermarket. The ingredients in these two cookies/biscuits are quite similar except for the oat crunchy biscuits doesn’t use golden syrup at all.

I found this recipe on Youtube by accident when I was looking for how to make a cheesecake. Apparently this recipe is so simple since it only needs three main ingredients such as: porridge oats, butter or margarine, and demerara sugar. That’s it! And how to make it? Oh, please look at the video below.

As Delia said in the video that it is so easy to make it even if they have never cooked in their life before!

The original recipe from Delia as follows:

4 ½ oz (125 gr) porridge oats (or you can mix 2 1/2 oz porridge oats and 2 oz Jumbo oats)

4 oz (110gr) butter or margarine

3 oz ( 75 gr) demerara sugar

To read the method then please go to this link: Oat Crunchy Biscuits by Delia Smithor just simply check on the video above. After it’s done then you just cut it into 12 bars and leave it in the tin until cool.

Today I made this recipe for the first time and I decided to add another ingredients as follows:

2 oz raisins

1 ¼ oz sesame seeds

2 oz almond, chopped roughly

And here you go!

My Oat Crunchy Biscuits

My Oat Crunchy Biscuits

I think it’s good to make this one since it’s healthy and if you missed your breakfast for some reasons then you can just take this one.

You can visit here for the Indonesian version: Biskuit Oats/Havermut yang Garing dan Renyah dari Delia Smith.

Hint: It’s better if you can put more sesame seeds and toast the almond beforehand.


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