My First Home-made Ricotta Cherry Cheesecake

Cheesecake. I’ve bought this cake few times and I found some of them are quite sweet and too sickly sometimes. Therefore I decided not to buy or have it any more. Unfortunately I couldn’t keep my decision when I was reading a post of a cheesecake in a blog of a friend of mine, Yunika. I was so tempted to make one. So I started to look up for the recipes and I ended up with (once again) Delia’s: Ricotta Cherry Cheesecake with Fresh and Dried Cherry Sauce.

My Ricotta Cherry Cheesecake

It’s so tempted, isn’t it? LOL

I used my home-made biscuits for its base which I got the recipe from BBC GoodFood: Oat Biscuits.

My wholemeal biscuits

My home-made wholemeal oat biscuits

So to celebrate and welcoming New Year 2012 I made this cheesecake as my dessert and to be honest with you I nearly finished it a half in one go! No wonder I always fail on my diet!

My Ricotta Cherry Cheesecake

My First Home-made Ricotta Cherry Cheesecake

The fact is this recipe doesn’t taste too sweet and sickly. The combination of the oat biscuits and the almonds makes this cake tastes special.

What do you think?


8 thoughts on “My First Home-made Ricotta Cherry Cheesecake

  1. Oh deim…the pic is so tempting. You go girl! I have to return to kitchen asap. Since i move to ths new job,i rarely cook which is not good. I guess one month in ths new place is jst enough as a transition moment.

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