My Wild Grass

My Wild Grass


Photography inspires me to be a positive person. It teaches me that there is always a beauty in every person or thing by exploring their different angles or sides.


My Wild Grass

My Wild Grass


Photos by Inge, October 2011, United Kingdom

10 thoughts on “Photography

    • Auw! Your compliment is carrying me away, Mark! LOL. Thanks very much for your compliment and support 🙂

      I used the flash at the time by accident, LOL. And about the header some friends of mine also like it. 🙂

      Thanks very much, Mark. 🙂

    • hihihihihihih..thank you, mbak Della…I’ll try to create a quote based on photography. 😀

      well…does mooi mean beautiful? It reminds me of ‘moy’ in chinese…something like that :))

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