My Fruit Tart by ShowMeTheCurry

My Fruit Pie by ShowMeTheCurry

I nearly finished it a half in one go, LOL

Few days ago I was looking for a recipe of fruit tart and I ended up with the recipe from ShowMeTheCurry that I got from Youtube. The recipe is very simple and easy. They are right that this tart tastes so light because of the pastry, not overly sweet, not too creamy, and all the flavor of the fruits and the pastry came together made it so irresistible! I’ve actually had some experience in making fruit pie but this time I am looking for a new recipe that I never tried it before.

To get the recipe and how to make it, please check their video below:

I used slightly different fruits in this recipe such as banana, cantaloupe melon, blueberries, mango, and kiwi. I did that due to the availability of my fruit ingredients. I had to grate the mango since it was half ripen.

How it tastes? Simply delicious! It’s a worth try, everyone!

My Fruit Tart by ShowMeTheCurry

My Fruit Tart by ShowMeTheCurry

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