Chocolate Mousse Cake, My Guilty Pleasure

Chocolate mousse cake. I don’t know why I was so tempted to make this cake after a friend of mine, Yunika, showed it to me on her Facebook. I couldn’t wait for her recipe so I started to look for it on internet. After searched for some recipes then I finally decided to give a try a recipe from BBC Good Food as you can read it here: Chocolate Mousse Cake.

On this recipe that I just made it few hours ago before writing this post, I added one (1) teaspoon of espresso. The reason why I did that because my mom’s friend who is expert in baking taught me long time ago to put a little bit of coffee or espresso whenever I make chocolate cake or any dessert that requires chocolate. She said that it would make the cake or dessert tastes tastier and not too sweet due to the bitterness of the coffee or espresso.

The cake really is my guilty pleasure!

Chocolate Mousse Cake, My Guilty Pleasure

Chocolate Mousse Cake, My Guilty Pleasure

Hint: I forgot to write it before about the tin that I used to make this cake. I used 26 cm cake tin removable base due to the volume of the mixture that was quite lots. Also I used my home made shortbread cake by Delia Smith in this recipe. I am sorry for people who had already read this one before I edited it.

11 thoughts on “Chocolate Mousse Cake, My Guilty Pleasure

  1. Yeah dear,ur mom’s friend is right on putting d coffee in choco mixture.that’s what i always do and i get d tips frm my mentor book:julia child. With that coffee powder (i use any coffee powder that i cn find at home) d taste will be much tastier. U go girl! I havent checkd ur recipe,perhaps it’s d same wd mine from nigela’s book. Here in malaysia i found chocolate recipe seems good bt i canx buying it whn i suddenly remember my nigella’s book back at home wd its choco recipes. Then i decided,whn i need 2 buy choco recipe books,it shld b frm pierre hermes, d master!

    • Wow, you really are into baking and cooking! Thanks for having shared your baking and cooking experiences so far and I am looking forward to seeing another experiments of you! 😆

    • Argh! That means I failed to do abstinence! Shame on me 😦

      Thanks for enjoying the trip, Mark. That means you have already had the software that can download the cake straight away to your computer and deliver it to you perfectly! hahahhahahahhhhaha

      Thanks very much, Mark! Have a fantastic weekend 🙂

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