A Man with A Yellow T-shirt

I saw you far in the distance running away from me

Far in the distance

I tried to catch you up

A man in the yellow t-shirt

But you just kept running away faster and faster, never looked at behind

A man with the yellow t-shirt

And now you have totally disappeared from my sight

A man with a yellow t-shirt


Kodak Easy Share C713

14 thoughts on “A Man with A Yellow T-shirt

  1. Gosh! I must remember to always leave a nice comment here. I didn’t realize you had the power to make people disappear like that… gulp! : )

    Wonderful sequence, Inge– great effect!

    • Hahahahahaahahaha…you better watch it out, Mark! LOL

      Thanks for the compliment. 🙂 . Yes, the weather on that day was partly cloudy but beautiful still. That’s why I took lots pictures of the sky. The sky always amazes me anyway. 😀

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