Vulnerable Dandelion

Two days ago I went to a park that I had never been to before. I went on my own. As I was wandering around my eyes spotted a dandelion. I grabbed at my camera and started taking pictures.

1st picture…

 My dandelion

2nd picture…

 My dandelion

3rd picture…

 My dandelion

While I was busy taking some picture I heard some voice around somewhere in the distance. I paused for a moment and looked around. There were three girl teenagers walking towards where I was. I decided to stop taking pictures and moved about two meters away from. I waited for them to pass me and the flower.

A minute after they walked passed I went back to the dandelion wished to take another pictures. Unfortunately it has been kicked off by one of those girls. I don’t know whether they did it on purpose or not. Only them could tell.

Poor wild flower…

My dandelion

You are very vulnerable…

My dandelion

This is another dandelion that I found on the road on my way back home.

My dandelion

16 thoughts on “Vulnerable Dandelion

  1. Selalu suka dengan bunga-bunga liar dan ilalang… Daaannn.. Dandelion salah satu favoritku untuk bunga liar ini..

    Love the pictures Mbaaaakk… *berdecak kagum

  2. They’re not supposed to stay intact, Mbak Inge. Either getting blown by the wind or by people, these seed needs to be spread to make more dandelions in the future hahahahaha. And the ‘broken’ dandelion is not so bad, afterall. It looks artistic to me.

    • I know that they’re not supposed to stay intact. But I knew that it was kicked off by because the wind was quite at the time. I just don’t know whether they did it on purpose or not. 😀

      Yes, the broken one still looks good. As Bunda Selsa ever said they still offer their beauty even when the wind blows them up.

    • Hahahahahahahahaaha…..I really love your sense of humor, Mark! Such a delicate one! 😛

      Thank you very much for your compliments and big supports! 🙂

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