15 thoughts on “My Minimalist: An Electricity Pole

  1. It’s difficult to find something minimalist in HK hahahahahah It’s packed with high rise building. Love the simplicity in this pic of yours

    • Thanks very much, Dwi. 🙂

      Well if you browsed on internet about minimalism photography then you’ll see lots of inspirations even in the place like HK you can create it. 🙂

      You can check as well the blog of the guy who commented before you in this post. It’s about a concept in photography. 🙂

    • makasih, mbak Della…gak tahu kenapa suka banget lihat tiang listrik itu…atau mungkin memang rumah temanku itu pemandangannya indah scr dia tinggal next to the field. 😀

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