One Picture in Different Looks

Recently I’ve been learning and playing with image editor such as Picassa and IrfanView. Obviously not much I could do with those two like in Photoshop or image software that comes along with our camera. But I still like it though. I am having fun with them.

Get inspired by my friends’ work as I’ve posted here: Original vs Image Editing, then I start to create mine. For example: Long Shadow. I converted the original picture into Black and White and applied vignette.

This time I made another experiments by applying more tools in Picassa as follows:

My original image

My image editing

St. Mary The Virgin's Church

One friend of mine made a comment that he likes the picture but too many things or object in it. Also he mentioned about the lamp that ‘lost’ its top by mistake. I was unaware of that lamp when I was taking the picture until I checked it on my computer. What a blind woman I was! LOL.

My image editing

My image editing

Many friends liked this editing


My image editing

None friends of mine who have seen this liked the editing, LOL.


My image editing

Does anyone like it?


My image editing

My postcard of the church

Β *

Well guys! What I did is obviously a piece of cake for most people out there. One thing that my friends warn me about is not to retouch the picture too much unless it is necessary.

What do you think?

12 thoughts on “One Picture in Different Looks

  1. Inge, sy sebenarnya penggila foto “hitam putih loh” Khususnya hitam putih karena moment. Utk saya foto hitam putih itu menyimpan “cerita.”

    Nah dari different look hasil jepretan Gereja tua ini, i like = foto no. 1 (original), no.2 dan no. 4
    Ketiga foto’s menyimpan kisah.

    Inge, mantap kreasinya. Chapeau girl! πŸ˜€

    • Mungkin krn hitam putih itu kesannya lebih sederhana dibanding colour yg berkesan glamour ya, mbak Dell πŸ˜€ . Foto juga jadi lebih bercerita.

      Makasih apresiasinya, mbak Dell πŸ˜‰

  2. I like the ones in sepia and postcard the most. The one in sepia looks like it’s been taken from really old album. Next time don’t forget the lamp post hahahahahaha

    • Actually the second one is not sepia but warmify and then I applied cinemascope. Sepia color is lighter than warmify.

      Yes, next time I would have to move the lamp post into the middle, LOL.

      Thank you, dear

  3. The original B&W looks absolutely fantastic used as your header. Plus, it completely eliminated that pesky lamp at the top of the lamppost– you don’t even think about it!! : )

    I like the sepia effect (the first one) the best, but the third one is interesting, too. Well done, Inge!

    • ahahahaahahahahaha…your comment about the lamppost has cheered me up, LOL.

      About the sepia effect, actually I applied warmify color. I don’t know whether it is a part of sepia as well or not. I know they have a similiar gradation color though sepia is lighter than warmify.

      Anyway thanks very much for your great support, Mark! πŸ™‚

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