Objects in Sepia

This is a special post for my friend, Campanulla Della Ana, who wants me to take some picture with my Kodak in sepia color in order to compare it with hers, A Forgotten Promise. 

I took these pictures without playing the Exposure Value (EV) deliberately. So the EV for these pictures are 0.0.

My objects in sepia

A node


My objects in sepia

Lotus corniculatus or Bird’s-foot-trefoil


My objects in sepia

A monument


10 thoughts on “Objects in Sepia

    • Thank you, Dwi. Yes, they all look classic. This is to comparing the sepia color between Kodak and Nikon since mbak Della uses Nikon camera.

      You can see her picture in sepia on that link above.

  1. Wow fantastic! thank you Inge. Now i know where the difference. Just look at the” tree shot.” Kodak is very sharp. Nevertheless, the two brands have each specification.
    I use ISO 160, Auto, Effects – Sepia Nostalgia

    • You are very most welcome, mbak Dell 🙂

      It’s defenitely the two brands have each and different spesifications.

      I used an auto ISO and just checked their EXIF info which the last two used ISO 80 and the first one 137. 🙂

    • benar, Suri…sepakat! itu juga yg paling saya suka, dan memang persis spt tangan yg menggenggam.

      bisa juga spt menunjuk dan bilang: Kamu! 😀

      dan bisa juga spt peribahasa yg bunyinya satu jari menunjuk keluar, dan 4 jari lainnya menunjuk ke dalam. 😀

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