Mallard Ducks Game

Yesterday I posted this picture of mine on Facebook at the group where I am in, Kampretklik. We have a weekly game and this week the theme is balancing composition. One friend commented of this picture said they are twins. I said in my reply that they are not, at least when we look at their reflections on the water. We only played a joke.

My mallar ducks

Apparently if you look at this picture then you will find or see some differences between the two of them.

Can you see it? How many you got? It’s your turn to find it out! Let’s having fun, guys! πŸ˜€

18 thoughts on “Mallard Ducks Game

  1. yang kanan, ekornya dominan warna hitam, yang kiri tidak
    yang kanan, ada bulu2 berwarna kuning sedikit, yang kiri tidak

    Udah itu aja dulu. Mumet ahahahaha

    #Nunggu hadiah dari Mbak Mimin mumet

  2. Seems obvious to me– the one on the right has a cell phone sticking out of his back pocket, and the other one doesn’t… : )

    Great shot, Inge– and it sure does look like one of those can-you-spot-the-differences puzzles!

    • hahahhahahaahhhaha…a cell phone? LOL…

      yes, I was pretty lucky on that time so I could get this kind of pose from the ducks. Thanks, Mark! πŸ™‚

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