Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun

About a week ago a friend of mine took me along to Bradford in West Yorkshire, Northern England. On our way back home at around 7 pm we saw this phenomena of the sun before our very eyes. I just couldn’t stop admiring it and while my friend drove the car I just kept going with my camera taking pictures. The panorama was just simply beautiful and amazing!

I was going to post these pictures a day after but then decided to hold them up until the new theme of the Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun, been given out. I got a feeling that the new theme would be something related to my pictures and I was right! I am not a fortune teller nor a mind reader though, LOL. I am going to spoil you with my crepuscular rays.

So here comes the sun…

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36 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun

  1. Wow, here comes the sun! I had the same hunch when we still played Kamprets Klik, too hahahaha took a pic then said ‘this could be it’

  2. I took a pic similar to yours but not so obvious. Maybe I’d present something different than your post. I’m still trying to recall each picture of the sun I took hahahaha maybe tonight 😀

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  6. Absolutely fantastic, Inge!!

    I’m sorry I’m not wearing a hat– I’d take it off to you! Brilliant work!

    Plus now I can astound people by telling them about crepuscular rays!! Thanks for this exciting new knowledge!! : )

    • Ah! I feel so honored by your comments, Mark! Thank you very much and big thank you for your great support to me! I really do appreciate it so much! 🙂

      You are very most welcome about the crepuscular rays. I knew it by accident when I was searching on google about the sun rays. 😀

      Thanks once again, Mark! 🙂

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