11 thoughts on “Till The End

  1. til the eeeeeeeeeeennnndddd.. i tried so hard.. and got so far .. in the end it doesn’t even matter .. *nyanyi sampe monyong2 ngikutin Chester Benington nya Linkin Park* 🙂

    • wohooo….I feel honored if you used it for your wedding anniversary, mbak Dell. 😀

      But I am glad to hear that you and your other half always remain each other. I really do admire a couple who stay remain each other for the sake of God. Bless you, mbak Della! 🙂

      Thanks for your compliment. 🙂

  2. A dandelion as a metaphor for loyalty and togetherness– it’s brilliant!

    And of course I can identify with the poor guy who’s hanging on for dear life! : )

    Lovely idea, Inge, and you’re a talented poet as well!

    • WOW, thanks for your compliments, Mark. 😀 . I have to try hard to keep my feet on the ground, LOL. Thank you, Mark!

      I even didn’t think about the metaphor for loyalty and togetherness. I wrote that…well let’s say it that it is a poet (LOL), inspired by that picture and the nature of the seed head of dandelion itself. 😀 . Thanks for bringing it out, Mark! 🙂

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