My ‘Supermini’ Lambs at The Dyfi Valley

I took these pictures when I went to Lake Bala on Easter Holiday this year. The location is in Dyfi Valley. I lost words to describe the beauty of this place. The view is just amazing around there!

Here a picture of The Dyfi Valley.

My 'Supermini' Lambs at The Dyfi Valley

A View of The Dyfi Valley

And here my ‘supermini’ lambs.

My 'Supermini' Lambs at The Dyfi Valley

My ‘Supermini’ Lambs at The Dyfi Valley (Nature Photography)


My 'Supermini' Lambs at The Dyfi Valley

My ‘Supermini’ Lambs at The Dyfi Valley (Nature Photography)

Don’t they look ‘supermini’ scaled to the rod? 😀

9 thoughts on “My ‘Supermini’ Lambs at The Dyfi Valley

      • Netherlands full of water, mbak Della? Surrounded by water. 😀
        Yes, you are right. This place reminds me to our beloved country as well. That is why I like to go there.

        This technique I found it by accident when taking pictures around. So it’s just about finding a right angle so the lamb looks like a ‘supermini’ scaled to the rod, hahahahahahahahaahaha.

        Thanks, mbak Della! 😉

      • itu karena saya motretnya memang dari balik batang pagarnya, mbak Nissa. karena mbeknya jauh diatas bukit, jadi anglenya memungkinkan utk terlihat spt ini. ini juga nemu viewnya scr tak sengaja, jadilah saya jepret spt ini, hahahahahahahahaahahahahahaa

    • ahahhahahaahahahaha….itu kebetulan dapat sudut yg pas shg dari kejauhan tampak seolah mbeknya kecil banget, dedek culi…euakakakakakakakaakakakakakaka

  1. Ingenious!! They really do look like miniature lambs perched on the fence post– brilliant concept, Inge!

    I’ll bet if those lambs knew they were posing for you, they’d feel pretty sheepish… : P

    • hahahahahahaahahahahaha….you’ve made my day, Mark! Thank you!

      Yes, I found its angle by accident when I was taking pictures around. I was astonished by so that’s why I took some pictures of it. 😀

      Thanks very much for your nice comment, Mark! 🙂

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