20 thoughts on “My Cutie Herb Robert

  1. How very dramatic to see a strikingly beautiful flower against a dark and rather forbidding background. Why, it reminds me of myself walking into a room… : P

    Lovely capture, Inge– beautiful! : )

          • Sama sama, Inge. Saya ada banyak teman (orang Indonesia) dari kedutaan besar Indonesia di Manila. Saya sinang bertemu anda. hahaha!!! I don’t know if my sentences make sense. I haven’t practiced my bahasa for quite sometime….

        • Your sentence does make sense. It is perfect! You are very welcome if you want to practice Bahasa Indonesia with me. 🙂

          Senang mendengar anda punya banyak teman orang Indonesia. 🙂

          • Terima kasih, Inge. Saya senang juga, tapi saya di Amerikat sekarang. I don’t see them anymore.

            I like your blogsite very much. You have a lot of interesting pictures and stories. 🙂

          • Ohh….but I think there are a lot Indonesian people in America as well. 🙂

            I used to know some Filipino friends here from the church and one of them knows Indonesian or Malay to be exact. Sometimes she talks in Indonesian with me. 🙂

            Thank you very much for liking my blog. 🙂

          • Oh, you’ve blown me away, 😀 .

            If I am being friendly and kind to others then it must be because s/he is kind and friendly too. 😉

            It’s very nice to talk to you. 🙂

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