Unfathomable Clouds

I have my own habit which I like to watch the sky. I’ve always fascinated by especially if there were some clouds. The clouds sometimes create an abstract formation and I am quite astonished by most of the times. I’ve taken lots of photos of the clouds like this one here, the clouds that look like have two eyes.

Yesterday the weather here in UK were so unpredictable. Heavy rain and sunny spells. Even there was a time when the heavy rain was pouring down in the sunny bright.

I went out in the afternoon after the rain stopped and as soon as I came out from the house, I saw these ones:

My Unfathomable Clouds

My Unfathomable Clouds

My Unfathomable Clouds

I continued my walk and I saw this unfathomable cloud:

My Unfathomable Clouds

To me it looks like a small dog walking on the roof and following a little angel.

By using Picassa I increased the shadow of ‘the dog’ to the maximum and here the result:

My Unfathomable Clouds

Do you like my editing? Hope you’ll leave me a comment. Thank you in advance. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Unfathomable Clouds

  1. I like to watch the clouds too…..meskipun yg terlihat adalah awan2 nimbus yg pekat sekalipun…dan anak2ku jg ketularan emaknya, suka bgt liatin awan dan berebut cerita kalo awan di atas sana ada yg kayak bebek lah, dinosaurus, etc…
    fiksi di WP yg kmrn jg terinspirasi dr lukian awan ini

    • We have something in common then, mbak Hesti. 🙂

      Ya, saya pribadi kurang tahu mbak soal model2x awan spt yg mbak Hesti sebutkan, contohnya awan nimbus. Yang pasti memang terkadang awan2x itu membentuk suatu gambar abstrak yg bisa diasosiasikan dgn sesuatu, dan disitulah menariknya, imajinasi kita jadi bermain2x…hihihihihii 😀

      Makasih kunjungannya, mbak Hesti. 🙂

  2. Wow! This post reminds me of that old Barbara Streisand song: On A Clear Day You Can See Forever, But On A Cloudy Day Inge Takes Great Shots!!

    Really love the clouds with the bright edges– beautiful, Inge!! : )

    • WOW! Your comment has blown me away once again! 😀

      Thanks very much, Mark! Yes, I just captured the moment that been set before my eyes! 😉

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