Story Challenge: Letter “A” for Avocado

A week ago, on Tuesday to be exact, Frizztext has commenced his new Weekly Challenge called Story Challenge in which it is started with Letter “A”.

I’ve promised him to join in and here my entry for Story Challenge: Letter “A”, Avocado.

Recently I’ve been interested by gardening. Although I don’t have a big backyard where I live in but I am still challenged to grow something either indoor or outdoor. I’ve been planting some flowers in the pots such as Asiatic Lily, Gladiola, Sparaxis, Iris Blue, and Peacock Orchid. I am looking forward to seeing them flowering this month or perhaps next month. Unfortunately there are some green flies on my lilies and I am still struggling to get rid it of! Any advice is well appreciated. I also have chilli pepper for a vegetable that I got from a friend of mine. She gave me in a small pot and I’ve already split them up into several small pots.

Now back to the Story Challenge. Last Sunday I went to a supermarket and I got lots of avocado been reduced, 10 p for each bag. It has two avocados in one bag and they sell two bags for GBP 3 for the normal price. I got six bags at that time. The conditions were still good, not overripe nor too hard. So it was a lot of bargain, wasn’t it?! I just don’t know why some people just walked passed and not even tempted to buy it. Avocado is very good fruit since it contains lots of good nutrition.

Due to its expensive price here so I have decided to plant it! I was searching on internet about how to grow our own avocado and I ended up with this site: How to Plant an Avocado Tree: 14 steps (with pictures). By following the instructions then here what I’ve been doing with the pit of my avocado:

My Story Challenge: Letter "A" for Avocado

I just need to wait patiently before its root comes out in two or three weeks time as stated.

That’s my entry for Story Challenge: Letter “A”. Thanks to Frizztext who has created this such an inspiration challenge!

Hope you enjoyed it and any advice according to gardening will be appreciated. Thanks in advance! 🙂

10 thoughts on “Story Challenge: Letter “A” for Avocado

  1. Fantastic idea with the Avocado plant @Inge. I want share important experience
    about “planting avocado trees.” My parents in Bandung have three avocado trees.
    One thing we must be realize, there are several steps that is very unpleasant during the pollinate avocado flowers – the caterpillars (ulat bulu).
    The caterpillar tree within a few hours it shall devour all the leaves, until the leaves all bare. Terrible to see how they work. You can hear the caterpillar invasion at night, rush … rush..
    They would crawling everywhere, anywhere. Until you windows, doors or rooms. If you touched the caterpillars, your feel the surrounding your skin area burned. If the caterpillar contact with our eyes may be blind. Or you can use disinfectant lice and caterpillars

    If the avocado tree only planted in the house, because the temperature did not like in the tropics area, then the avocado tree will never bear fruit. Never. They needed pollination, and pollination is only caterpillars that can be made. 😆

    Are suggested: If we want to plant the avocado trees, should be away from home enviroment and human. I think a good option is, just buy the fruit in the market. 😀 easy and cheaper 😀

    Adoooh susahnya mau mau makan buah avocado yaa @Inge, but this is my true experiences stories “behind the delicious avocado fruit”
    I have never heard of this in the 4 seasons, which successfully planted in the house until the avocado fruit. 😀

    • WOW! Thank you very much for sharing the info and experiences of your family, mbak Della! Really appreciated!

      It’s not an easy job apparently and after all I must consider about the caterpillar since I don’t have a good environment that can support it. 🙂 Unless my friend who has a big backyard would like to plant it in her backyard then I might continue to grow it until its root comes out. Otherwise I would just have to accept your idea by just buying it on supermarket. It’s lots easier 😀

      Thank you very much indeed, mbak Della. 🙂

      • Yeahh .. big backyard, it’s great idea and good option for this case. I think that is better. I like very.. very much avocado fruit @Inge. I made salad, avocado juice and cake too … hem lekker 😛
        Someday I’ll share avocado cake recipe with you, really. :p 😛
        My regards

        • Thank you in advance for the recipe, mbak Dell! 😉

          Currently I am just using it for salad and eat it raw on its own. Haven’t tried any cake recipe with avocado. So I am looking forward with your recipe! 😆

    • You are right, Cardinal. I think Europe’s climate is not the right one. Perhaps by using a green house then it would be better because we can use an artificial light to create the temperature. But still I don’t know about it. 🙂

  2. Oh, come now– that’s not an avocado pit, that’s a little satellite from outer space!! : )

    One of your most unique photos, Inge! Good luck with the avocado orchard!! : )

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