Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

Two days ago I was walking down to a canal for a walk and taking some pictures. As I walked down by I saw a lot of rubbish on the canal like these two photos below:

My Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong


My Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

Another rubbish

That is totally wrong, isn’t it?

While I was busy observing for interesting object or scene to photograph on my way back home I saw some branches with the flowers and leaves that looked good to be photographed with the sky as a background. Without thinking or checking the setting on my camera, I just pointed it straight away to the scene and here the result:

My Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong


My Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

Another overexposured

Later I found that the setting on my camera at the time caused my photos overexposure on the result.

Oh well, thanks to Weekly Photo Challenge with their theme for this week: Wrong.



18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

    • That’s right, my big sista! It’s not very nice when we want to walk down there just for unwind and see those rubbish on the canal. It’s ruin the beauty of the scenery with its yellow water-lilies there and other plants.

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  2. Yes, there’s something uniquely depressing about litter… : (

    On the other hand, there’s something uniquely joyful about all your photos, no matter what the exposure!! : )

    Well done, Inge!

    • Ah, thank you very much for your advice, Steve! Really appreciated. I’ll keep this in mind and will do practice later if the weather was good.

      Thank you very much! 🙂

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