Story Challenge: Letter “C” is for Cooking

Cooking and photography, two become one! I do like cooking and baking and I do love photography. Two different things that blend together as part of my hobby. Since I have my own camera I learn how to shoot the cake or food I made especially if I want to share it online. 😀

I don’t know since when I like cooking. All I know is my big sisters and my mom always involved me in the kitchen for baking and cooking every time Christmas came when I was a kid. And as I grew up I liked to try new recipes in my spare time even until now.

As part of my entry for Story Photo Challenge: Letter ‘C’ by Frizztext then below are some pictures of a new recipe that I made few days ago called The Fastest Blackberry and Apple Tart from Delia Online.

The Fastest Blackberry and Apple Tart

The Fastest Blackberry and Apple Tart

The Fastest Blackberry and Apple Tart

Fancy anyone?! 😀

Have a Blessed Sunday!


23 thoughts on “Story Challenge: Letter “C” is for Cooking

  1. Oh, Inge!– must you torture us so?? My stomach’s growling its approval! Have you ever thought about being a food photographer? You’ve got the touch. Wonderful idea to use the tart image for your header as well– very striking!! : )

    • gak mahal di bahan koq, mbak Jean. kalau apel Bramley mahal, pakai apel biasa juga sudah oke. dan lagi kreatif aja mau pakai buah apa.

      disini memang orang kalau buat pie, senang pakai apel. ya itu krn mereka memang punya pohonnya, jadi dimanfaatkan.

      nah kalau kita di Indo, pakai buah lain juga bisa. itu fastest istilahnya krn utk buat kulit pastry-nya, gak perlu dimasukkan ke kulkas dulu, mbak. jadi selesai diuleni, langsung ditata di loyang, taruh buah, bakar deh. 🙂

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