Sunday Post: On Going

Shooting photos in monochrome style (black and white photo) is my on going project during The Lent Season of this year.

As you may not know that since November last year I’ve joined a website called The website encourages us to take photos at least one every day. It is a good thing to do though sometimes I missed it for some reasons. The members there are very active and creative with their daily photos and also by creating a challenge or theme for every day inspirations.

So my ongoing project of shooting in monochrome during The Lent Season is part of the challenge Giving up colour for Lent that been created by one member there and one of them has shared themes called Lent Photo a Day #40Days.

The photo collages below are my results of joining camera settings challenge by shooting in monochrome with five (5) different settings.

You may would like to see the large version of my header above as I’ve posted here: Return.

Hope you enjoyed it. πŸ™‚

SUNDAY POST LOGO 2013 180 x 138

15 thoughts on “Sunday Post: On Going

        • Caranya ya tinggal registrasi aja, say,,,biasalah spt web2x lain atau di WP ini. Mau daftar sbg anggota ace (berbayar) juga boleh, krn kalau berbayar, kita dpt fasilitas utk buat album sendiri. Sementara kalau yg free, ya gak bisa buat album sendiri.

          Disana kita hanya diperbolehkan mengunggah satu foto per satu tanggal/hari. kalau mau unggah foto lebih dari satu dgn tanggal yg sama, maka foto yg lain harus ‘diubah’ tanggalnya saat upload, yaitu pada proses confirm dates. Tapi itu tdk mengubah data exif foto kita, dan data exif tetap ada jelas tercantum, kecuali kita gak mau menampakkan data exif.

          Contoh spt fotoku yg ini, Lyv:

          tanggal upload beda dgn data exifnya. jadi tanggal upload itu sama spt kalender. nah tanggal upload beda krn saya gak motret tanggal 4, jadi saya pakai saja foto2x yg sdh saya jepret sebelumnya.

    • Thanks for your support, Muchow. πŸ™‚
      Yes, I take this chance to learn about shooting in B&W mode. So much things to learn about it apparently. πŸ™‚

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  2. What a wonderful idea for a project, Inge! I must tell you the final 5-image sequence with the flower is really striking. I love the way the B&W images seem to burst into blue at the end. I think a line of art posters based on that idea might be very successful– might have a strong appeal. Just a thought! Great work! : )

    • Thank you…thank you very much for your comment, Mark! I take on board of your suggestion as I am learning doing editing currently and obviously your idea is a worth try! πŸ™‚

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