Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

“Hi Inge, colors to escape from monochrome …,” said Frizztext on his comment at my previous post, Weekly Photo Challenge (WPC): Colour.

Hmmm…that is a great idea to join this week theme of WPC: Escape! But I decided to chose monochrome to escape from colours.

So here my entry for this week theme:

Bear it in mind that I am in a learning process to understand about B&W photos. I’ll be back with another post of what I’ve learned so far. So any feedback or constructive comments are welcome. Thank you in advance. 🙂

Have a great weekend ahead. 🙂

*Camera: Nikon D3100 and E10i

36 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

    • Hi, Joshi. If only you know how much I adore your works especially your B&W photos then your comment is like a dream comes true to me. I mean it! I am overwhelming right now because this is something that I’ve been wanting for!

      I don’t mind if you give me a constructive criticism because that would help me to improve myself. Nonetheless, I am so happy to have you here.

      Thank you very much! 🙂

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  2. Who took all those wonderful photos?? I demand that she step forward so I can present her with this glittering gold trophy!!

    Well, I mean I would if I had a glittering gold trophy… : P

    Beautiful work, Inge! I especially liked the shimmering water close-up; the sunset over water; the first birds over water; the field of flowers; the snow scene; the branch on the moon; and that wonderful water-beaded dandelion.

    You just get better all the time!! : )

    • LOL…You are hilarious, Mark! Still demand my glittering gold trophy from you though. 😛 LOL

      Thank you very much for your big support! I can’t achieve what I’ve done so far WITHOUT your support and encouragement! Can’t thank you enough!


  3. saya itu mbak…sukaaa sekali memandangi foto-foto yg hitam putih begini…apalagi yg temanya apa ya…saya menyebutnya “alone” mungkin….pokoknya yg enggak ada objek manusianya 🙂

    • wah kebetulan kalau gitu, mbak Jean. soalnya mmg saya jarang banget include kan manusia dlm foto2x saya, kecuali foto candid hhahaahhaaha…

      tapi kata bbrp orang, kalau ada objek manusianya, maka gambar jadi ‘hidup’…

      tapi ya semua tergantung ya pada tema dan kesukaan yg motret…

    • ahahhahahahahaahahaha…saya gak tahu apakah kalau saat galau kita bisa memotret dgn ‘baik’. mungkin bisa utk sebgn orang, dan mungkin juga tdk bgn sbgn lain. tp kadang perasaan galau juga bisa menimbulkan ide…

      kalau buat saya pribadi, saat sedang galau atau perasaan tdk tenang, maka sulit utk memotret dgn baik, krn jadi tdk fokus. meskipun ide ada, tapi kalau hanya eksekusi tanpa fokus, maka ada yg ‘hilang’.

      bahkan kadang excitement yg berlebihan bisa mengganggu fokus kita dlm memotret, shg hasilnya pun asal jadi. saya sdh bbrpkali alami, utamanya utk foto landscape. saking terpesonanya, maka saya langsung jepret tanpa berpikir panjang. hasilnya ya segitu saja 😀

      yg pasti buat saya pribadi, harus calm….baik itu sdg happy ataupun galau. 🙂

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  5. Great start on your black and whites . . . what do you use to edit them? I typically use B&W for a few things, first would be to enhance and emphasize texture (perhaps create a gritty or earthy feeling). Second would be to create a mood that you just can’t with color (black and white is more timeless), and third is to help flow if colors are not complementary, meaning you don’t want the eye to linger on something because it doesn’t quite fit. You have some great work, I look forward to seeing the progress.

    • Thank you very much for your great comment, Chris. Thanks for sharing your tips. Really appreciated!

      I am an amateur or perhaps a novice in photography to be honest. I’ve started learning to shoot in B&W just past few months back, during Easter this year to be exact.

      Some shot above I took it straight out of camera, and some through editing process. Most editing I do it in Picassa. Perhaps only the flower of ‘forget-me-not’ that I edited in Photoshop CS3. I still don’t know much yet about CS3 to be honest. I still need to learn how to use it yet convert the colour into B&W.

      So I’ll take on board your comment and your encouragement. Thank you very much once again! 🙂

    • Thank you for having shared mine by reblogged it. 🙂

      I’m just an amateur, not a professional one. Still and always learning to get better and better hopefully. 🙂

      Thanks for coming by, iwa. 🙂

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