My Photojournalism: The Wintry Weather in UK


March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. That is an English proverb to describe the typical weather in March. Apparently this time of year it happened the other way round in United Kingdom (UK).

March started with beautiful and pleasant weather, sunny and dry. I read on a newspaper about a week ago that this is the hottest March in UK in 55 years. Unfortunately the weather turned out chilly in the last week.

Back to the English proverb. According to the article on Wikipedia it is said that the proverb is applied to the month of April more often than March in Wales. Apparently it is true. The weather forecast had predicted a week ago that there would be snow coming and there would be a chance to have snow on Easter! They were right except for having snowed on Easter. There were some snow at the time but the melting ones as I saw it when I went to North Wales on Sunday.

So now UK is having wintry weather in the spring time! I even have to wear my winter coat back due to the weather conditions at the moment.

My photojournalism wintry weather

Mist on the hill of Pen y Gaer, Conwy valley, North Wales


My photojournalism the wintry weather

Pen y Gear, Conwy valley, North Wales


My photojournalism the wintry weather

Some snow left on the road


My photojournalism the wintry weather

Bwlch y Groes, the highest pass in North Wales

 It’s not too late to wish Happy Easter to everyone!

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