Sunday Post: On Going


Shooting photos in monochrome style (black and white photo) is my on going project during The Lent Season of this year.

As you may not know that since November last year I’ve joined a website called The website encourages us to take photos at least one every day. It is a good thing to do though sometimes I missed it for some reasons. The members there are very active and creative with their daily photos and also by creating a challenge or theme for every day inspirations.

So my ongoing project of shooting in monochrome during The Lent Season is part of the challenge Giving up colour for Lent that been created by one member there and one of them has shared themes called Lent Photo a Day #40Days.

The photo collages below are my results of joining camera settings challenge by shooting in monochrome with five (5) different settings.

You may would like to see the large version of my header above as I’ve posted here: Return.

Hope you enjoyed it. 🙂

SUNDAY POST LOGO 2013 180 x 138

Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement


This week theme of Weekly Photo Challenge is Movement and here my entry for this week:

I was taking pictures of the sunset when my friends asked me to take their photograph. I moved the camera away from the sunset before it finished completely because my friends asked me to be hurry.

My Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

‘Moving’ Sunset

This picture below I took it by accident. I was new to the camera and set the exposure time for 10 seconds by mistake. I was moving at that time. Here its result:

My Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

‘Moving’ Lights

Anyway movement in photography is not always about blurring or unfocused. Movement can also be seen…

when walking…

My Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

 when running…

My Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

when chasing the birds…

My Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

and when flying…

My Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

 That’s all. Hope you enjoyed them! 🙂