Bala, Love at The First Sight


My first time to visit Bala Lake was in summer 2009 with friends from the church for summer outing. My first impression was WOW and it still remains until now. My second time was summer last year and the third time was on Easter Sunday this year. I just can’t get enough. In Bala I fall in love at the first sight with Wales. Aha! I sounded so poetic, LOL.

Wales is largely mountainous and such a nice place to visit to. It offers you a beautiful, breathtaking, and spectacular scenery. That is the facts. What I love about Wales is its atmosphere and its nuance. It’s very relaxing. Some places still have old fashioned buildings and some houses still keep their old fashioned style as well. I’ve been to some places in Wales such as Llangolen, Holywell, Pantasaph, Rhyl and Prestatyn, Conwy, and of course, Bala.

Bala, Gwynedd in Welsh, is famous with its lake called Bala Lake or Llyn Tegid in Welsh. It’s a tourism place and located in Snowdonia National Park. In the summer there will be more and lots of people doing camping either any outdoor activities. In Bala they still have steam trains that operate alongside Bala Lake Railway.

Here some pictures of Bala that I took last year and last Easter Sunday.

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Another post of my trip on Sunday Easter to Bala, My Photojournalism: Newfoundland Dog Event at Lake Bala.

Hope everybody enjoys it! 🙂