Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate


This is part of my experiment which I got inspired from here, Early Christmas by Sue Richardson.

I’ve tried many different shots outdoor and indoor following her technique and so far this is the best that I could get from.

Could you guess what they are? :D.

Axis Mundi

Axis Mundi

They are some tealights that I arranged in circular form. I did some editing in Picassa from its RAW file by increasing its shadow and applied filtered BW plus soft focus. The grainy that looks apparent in this photo after I increased its shadow has created such a different dimension from the original objects. It looks like white sand or snowflakes fall down and creating snowballs. That’s my interpretation anyway. A friend of mine called this picture as Axis Mundi.

So for that reason I submit this picture for Weekly Photo Challenge with Delicate in theme!

Have a Good Friday and have a great weekend ahead to everybody! Christmas is just round the corner! 😉


When The Raindrops Set As Natural Christmas Lights


Yesterday I went to visit my friend’s place who sell Christmas trees for living. Actually I wanted to see his Water Lilies in his pond but unfortunately they all are rotten due to the heavy rain. The good news is there are still about eleven of them to come on so I am looking forward to seeing them. Hopefully the weather will be nice to them.

It was rainy day yesterday. So I walked with my friend to the field and he showed me some of his plants apart from his Christmas trees, such as honeysuckles flowers, a descendant of a Redwood Tree called Dawn Redwood, Japanese bonsai, and many more. I like to visit his land and wander around.

After he showed me some of his plants and continued his work then I started to shoot some pictures and here they are…


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It’s not Christmas yet but the raindrops already set the lights off on the trees just like in Christmas!. Natural trees, natural lights, and natural ornaments. What a true Christmas!