From Sweden to France: Laxpudding and Rhubarb Comp么te

This Wednesday I went to my friend’s place for a dinner as usual once in a week and she gave me a recipe that she got from a cafe in IKEA when she went there before. The recipe is a traditional Swedish dish called Laxpudding or Salmon Pudding. I used smoked haddock fish instead since smoked salmon is too expensive for me. 馃榾

The recipe that my friend got it from is slightly different with the recipe that you can read it here as well, Laxpudding.

Here the recipe that I got:


400 gr Lax Kallr枚kt (smoked salmon, frozen. I used smoked haddock instead0

10 medium size potatoes (I used 4 big size Cyprus potatoes)

1/2 tsp salt

3 eggs

4 dl single cream

50 gr butter

Green salad

Horseradish sauce


Peel the potatoes and cut in slices. Butter an oven/serving dish and add alternate layers of salmon and potatoes (top and bottom layers should be potatoes). Sprinkle each potato layer with salt.

Whisk cream and eggs in a bowl and add to the oven/serving dish together with a couple of dollops of butter.

Heat in the oven for 50-60 minutes, 175 degree Celsius (350 degree Fahrenheit).

Serve with horseradish sauce and a mixed green salad of choice.

And here you go! I made it yesterday. 馃榾

My Laxpudding used smoked haddock

It tastes so delicious! I added one (1) fresh bird chilli because I like hot food. Still yummy!

And what is for a dessert? This time I made Rhubarb Comp么te from DeliaOnline‘s recipe. First time I tried this recipe I added some strawberries and last night I made it for the second time without strawberries but added 1 tsp of ground cinnamon instead. I served it with vanilla ice cream. Delicious!

My Rhubarb Comp么te with Vanilla Ice Cream

From Sweden to France, it ends in my stomach, LOL.

Have a great weekend, everyone! 馃檪

My Homemade Baked Pears with Chocolate Sauce

Once in a week I go to my friend’s place for a dinner and yesterday she made a dessert of baked pears with chocolate sauce. It was delicious. She got the recipe from Aldi Supermarket’s newsletter. So tonight I made it by myself and added some ice cream as the recipe suggested it.

Here I rewrite the recipe.


4 x Conference Pears

100ml Double Cream

1 x 70g Pack Dairy Milk Chocolate

24g Unsalted Butter

4 x Squares Tin Foil


Cut the pears in half lengthways, take out the core/seeds and remove the woody stem. Put each prepared pear on a square of foil, divide the butter between them and fold up into a parcel. Put onto the BBQ and cook, turning occasionally for about 15 minutes or bake in a hot oven. Meanwhile, put the cream and the chocolate buttons in a small saucepan, heat through gently until the chocolate has melted and the sauce is smooth and hot. Serve on the baked pears, great with a scoop of ice cream.

And here mine:

My Baked Pears with Chocolate Sauce

It’s easy, isn’t it?

Chocolate Mousse Cake, My Guilty Pleasure

Chocolate mousse cake. I don’t know why I was so tempted to make this cake after a friend of mine, Yunika, showed it to me on her Facebook. I couldn’t wait for her recipe so I started to look for it on internet. After searched for some recipes then I finally decided to give a try a recipe from BBC Good Food as you can read it here: Chocolate Mousse Cake.

On this recipe that I just made it few hours ago before writing this post, I added one (1) teaspoon of espresso. The reason why I did that because my mom’s friend who is expert in baking taught me long time ago to put a little bit of coffee or espresso whenever I make chocolate cake or any dessert that requires chocolate. She said that it would make the cake or dessert tastes tastier and not too sweet due to the bitterness of the coffee or espresso.

The cake really is my guilty pleasure!

Chocolate Mousse Cake, My Guilty Pleasure

Chocolate Mousse Cake, My Guilty Pleasure

Hint: I forgot to write it before about the tin that I used to make this cake. I used 26 cm cake tin removable base due to the volume of the mixture that was quite lots. Also I used my home made shortbread cake by Delia Smith in this recipe. I am sorry for people who had already read this one before I edited it.

My Tiramisu: “Pick Me Up!”

red velvet or tiramisu. red velvet…tiramisu…#countingbuttons .

My Tiramisu

My Tiramisu

鈥淧ick me up!鈥 said the tiramisu in my head, LOL. Apparently according to an article in Wikipedia, Tiramisu in Italian means 鈥減ick me up鈥 literally yet 鈥渕ake me happy鈥 metaphorically. So I was right then when I picked Tiramisu to make instead of the Red Velvet.

Initially I thought it was difficult to make a home-made tiramisu. But when I checked Delia Online‘s recipe, Tiramisu, then all of my worries were gone. The ingredients and the method are very simple to make apparently! It even didn’t take me long time to make it. It really is simple!

I served five (5) for this Delia’s recipe by using trifle glass bowls.

Does this Tiramisu ‘make me happy’? Yes, it sure does!

My Tiramisu

My Tiramisu. Perhaps it's nicer to add some strawberry for the topping.


Updated: I just made it tonight and added some strawberry for the topping.

My Tiramisu

My Tiramisu with Strawberry Topping

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