Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination


Aha! It seems like I am the last blogger to submit my entry for this week of Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination? Oh, never mind. Last but not least. :D.

Apparently illumination is the new theme for this week. It was my fault didn’t check the post date. I got mixed up since I’ve been absent this photo challenge activity for quite long time. I am sorry for my mistake and big thanks to SimplySage for the correction.

Based on its theme this time so I wanted to share what I’ve been learning and shooting recently, Bokeh.

Few weeks ago I had little discussions about creating bokeh photos with an online friend of mine, Campanulla Della Anna. In that our discussions she’s shared some technique of creating bokeh photos yet how to create them with different shapes such as love, smiley face, butterfly, and so on. The good thing about that was she taught me how to create our own bokeh shapes kit which you can check the links here, Creatief: DIY Bokeh Kit or How To Make Custom Bokeh Shape. I chosen to follow the steps from Vink Academy instead.

In this experiment I used two lenses: a telephoto lens and a kit lens. That means I created two different size of the custom bokeh shape. I had some difficulty in creating bokeh shape for the kit lens since the hole that I had to make is too small, 1cm x 1cm. That’s why the shape is not quite neat. In order to make the shapes I used die cut shapes that used to make a card or a scrapbook instead of drawing them by myself because I am not good at it.

I also used the bokeh shapes for the telephoto lens to the kit lens because it could create abstract shapes apparently by moving the custom kit in circular way in front of the lens, just like using a CPL filter.

Here they are:

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So, what do you think? It’s cool, isn’t it? I still need to practice more anyway.

Have a good weekend!