Crocus Flowers are Welcoming Spring


Freesia. Yes, this flower has wowed many friends of mine when I posted its picture on Facebook two days ago. Some of them asked me what that flower is called and whether they are a family of tulip. Unfortunately I couldn’t answer any of those question because I really didn’t know its name and family. I made a promise to find it out later at the supermarket since lots of plants seeds been selling due to the spring is coming. So I went to ASDA supermarket and finally found its seeds there and from now on I know what the flower is called! It is Freesia Crocus!

My Freesia Flowers

This image of mine that stood out among others

Soon after I came home I browsed on internet to find it out more about this flower.

My Freesia Flowers

White Freesia flowers. I called it Three Sweet Girls.

According to an article on eHow: What is the Meaning of Freesia Flower, this flower is native to Africa and named after Friedrich Heinrich Theodor Freese, a German physician.

My Freesia Flowers

Purple Freesia Flowers

This flower is a symbol of multiple sentiments such as friendship, innocence, thoughtfulness, perseverance and being high-spirited. Also this flower is one of the most fragrant flowers and so used in perfumes, bath oils, soaps, lotions, scented oil, etc.

My Freesia Flowers

A group of Mauve Freesia Flowers

┬áThe pattern of this flower is known as ‘zygomorphic‘.

My Freesia Flowers

Its pattern known as ‘zygomorphic’

This flower is a sign to me that spring is already under way!

My Freesia Flowers

A Yellow Freesia Flower

*Camera: Kodak Easy Share C713