Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate


This is part of my experiment which I got inspired from here, Early Christmas by Sue Richardson.

I’ve tried many different shots outdoor and indoor following her technique and so far this is the best that I could get from.

Could you guess what they are? :D.

Axis Mundi

Axis Mundi

They are some tealights that I arranged in circular form. I did some editing in Picassa from its RAW file by increasing its shadow and applied filtered BW plus soft focus. The grainy that looks apparent in this photo after I increased its shadow has created such a different dimension from the original objects. It looks like white sand or snowflakes fall down and creating snowballs. That’s my interpretation anyway. A friend of mine called this picture as Axis Mundi.

So for that reason I submit this picture for Weekly Photo Challenge with Delicate in theme!

Have a Good Friday and have a great weekend ahead to everybody! Christmas is just round the corner! πŸ˜‰


Love and Purity


Purity prepares the soul for love, and love confirms the soul in purity.

Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman

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I took those pictures of roses yesterday before sunset in a cloudy weather. I used Tamron AF 70-300mm and set my white balance for a cloudy one and played with its temperature colours to see the difference that it could made by.

I didn’t know how to set the temperature colours on my camera until one of very best friends of mine, Campanulla Della Anna, mentioned it in our discussions about photogaphy and also by reading this one of good articles: Understanding White Balance by Cambridge in Colour.

The picture in the middle is a RAW file and I edited it with Picassa by tuning its shadows and fill light up.

Do you like my experiments or would you like to give me any suggestions to improve my photography skills? Your comment will be much appreciated!

Special thanks to my friend Campanulladellaanna.

Have a great weekend!

Unfathomable Clouds


I have my own habit which I like to watch the sky. I’ve always fascinated by especially if there were some clouds. The clouds sometimes create an abstract formation and I am quite astonished by most of the times. I’ve taken lots of photos of the clouds like this one here, the clouds that look like have two eyes.

Yesterday the weather here in UK were so unpredictable. Heavy rain and sunny spells. Even there was a time when the heavy rain was pouring down in the sunny bright.

I went out in the afternoon after the rain stopped and as soon as I came out from the house, I saw these ones:

My Unfathomable Clouds

My Unfathomable Clouds

My Unfathomable Clouds

I continued my walk and I saw this unfathomable cloud:

My Unfathomable Clouds

To me it looks like a small dog walking on the roof and following a little angel.

By using Picassa I increased the shadow of ‘the dog’ to the maximum and here the result:

My Unfathomable Clouds

Do you like my editing? Hope you’ll leave me a comment. Thank you in advance. πŸ™‚

Using A Pair of Sunglasses To Create An Effect To A Picture


Few months ago one friend at Kampret group gave me a good construction comment to one of my pictures. I took a picture which the sky looked so pale and dull due to its very bright light. Since I only am using a digital pocket camera, Kodak Easy Share C713, and not having a UV filter so he suggested me to use a pair of polarized sunglasses. Yes, it is a trick just like taking macro photography with a magnifying glass.

Two days ago the weather was very good. It was sunshine and very bright. So I went out to a country park for taking pictures using my sunglasses. Unfortunately I only have an ordinary one and it is a brown colour. Obviously I cannot use it as a filter as my friend mentioned it. But I thought why not just use it and see what result would come up later. In my mind at the time I thought that I would convert the image into the warm nuance and perhaps it would be easier if I took picture and used my sunglasses to create the effect.

Here my original shot

Playing with sunglasses

My original image

To make my picture more impressive so I edited it with Picassa. With its tone tools I increased the shadow and the colour temperature until I got a nice tone that I liked. Then later applied warmify to create a warm nuance.

And here my result

Playing with my sunglasses

My editing image

What do you think? What is your impression to those pictures? Do you have any special trick when taking pictures or creating special effect? Would you like to share it with me?