Dirty Utensils in The Morning


Everything surround us can be used as an object theme of a photography whatever it is. It depends on our creativity. But a creativity without a sense of art perhaps would produce a picture with less attractive.

Currently I’ve been joining a group on Facebook called Kamprets which all the member have an interest in photography. The members of the group are all Indonesian. I’ve learned a lot from that group since their members are not only sharing their best pictures but also their knowledge of photography. So people like me who are amateur by the way (and doing it as a hobby only) could improve our skills or technique of.

The administrators of the group also provide some competition or game which they all are really fun to join with. There is a favorite game of the most active members called Simon Says or Kamprets Klik. In this game one member would request a theme and others would upload theirs. Whoever wins in this game would become the next person who request a new theme. That’s how the game run by. Do not say that this game has no difficulty task. It has apparently! For instance when one member requested a theme called Rendang, a special dish from Minangkabau, Indonesia, but it’s been known wide spread all over Indonesia. Some members in order to win it ought to go out to the small restaurant in the morning and waited for the restaurant to open for buying that dish. But when they came back home and wanted to post their picture in a rush, they found out that other members had already posted it and won the theme. Also the members have to face the problem of their internet speed that affect uploading process of the picture. Those things are quite frustrating sometimes but in a funny way. That’s why the members love it so much because it’s really fun and always makes us laugh especially when somebody failed to win the theme due to their defeat in uploading process. One member describes it as “the smoke in my eyes”.

My picture below won one theme in Simon Says game called Dirty Utensils in The Morning. Even the dirty stuffs can be an object and look good still in the picture. So it is right to say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

My Dirty Utensils in The Morning

My Dirty Utensils in The Morning