Story Challenge: Letter “C” is for Cooking


Cooking and photography, two become one! I do like cooking and baking and I do love photography. Two different things that blend together as part of my hobby. Since I have my own camera I learn how to shoot the cake or food I made especially if I want to share it online. 😀

I don’t know since when I like cooking. All I know is my big sisters and my mom always involved me in the kitchen for baking and cooking every time Christmas came when I was a kid. And as I grew up I liked to try new recipes in my spare time even until now.

As part of my entry for Story Photo Challenge: Letter ‘C’ by Frizztext then below are some pictures of a new recipe that I made few days ago called The Fastest Blackberry and Apple Tart from Delia Online.

The Fastest Blackberry and Apple Tart

The Fastest Blackberry and Apple Tart

The Fastest Blackberry and Apple Tart

Fancy anyone?! 😀

Have a Blessed Sunday!


Story Challenge: Letter “B” is for Blue Moon


Early of last month some friends from the photography group where I join at had talked about blue moon that was occurring at the end of August 2012. I was quite exciting about the news though didn’t know too much about it. One friend explained that the full moon would occur twice within a month and the second one is called blue moon. At first I thought that the moon would turn blue in colour as called but apparently I was wrong! It’s called blue moon because it’s a rare event.  As a result there is a phrase ‘once in a blue moon’. Well I never knew it before to be honest.

So last Thursday I prepared myself to take pictures of the moon after checked the forecast though the blue moon would occur on Friday according to the news. Good that I did check it, or otherwise I would miss it! The weather was good on Thursday while it was raining on Friday started in the afternoon. I started taking pictures after 10 pm on Thursday and stayed up late.

Here my photo series of the blue moon:

My Photo Series of The Blue Moon

Taken on Thursday, 30 August 2012, 22:25:57

My Photo Series of The Blue Moon

Taken on Thursday, 30 August 2012, 23:17:52

My Photo Series of The Blue Moon

Taken on Friday, 31 August 2012, at 04:24 :51

Did you ever know or hear about the blue moon before?

This post is to participate in a Story Challenge: Letter “B” by Frizztext. Hope you enjoyed it.

Have a Blessed Sunday, everyone!

Story Challenge: Letter “A” for Avocado


A week ago, on Tuesday to be exact, Frizztext has commenced his new Weekly Challenge called Story Challenge in which it is started with Letter “A”.

I’ve promised him to join in and here my entry for Story Challenge: Letter “A”, Avocado.

Recently I’ve been interested by gardening. Although I don’t have a big backyard where I live in but I am still challenged to grow something either indoor or outdoor. I’ve been planting some flowers in the pots such as Asiatic Lily, Gladiola, Sparaxis, Iris Blue, and Peacock Orchid. I am looking forward to seeing them flowering this month or perhaps next month. Unfortunately there are some green flies on my lilies and I am still struggling to get rid it of! Any advice is well appreciated. I also have chilli pepper for a vegetable that I got from a friend of mine. She gave me in a small pot and I’ve already split them up into several small pots.

Now back to the Story Challenge. Last Sunday I went to a supermarket and I got lots of avocado been reduced, 10 p for each bag. It has two avocados in one bag and they sell two bags for GBP 3 for the normal price. I got six bags at that time. The conditions were still good, not overripe nor too hard. So it was a lot of bargain, wasn’t it?! I just don’t know why some people just walked passed and not even tempted to buy it. Avocado is very good fruit since it contains lots of good nutrition.

Due to its expensive price here so I have decided to plant it! I was searching on internet about how to grow our own avocado and I ended up with this site: How to Plant an Avocado Tree: 14 steps (with pictures). By following the instructions then here what I’ve been doing with the pit of my avocado:

My Story Challenge: Letter "A" for Avocado

I just need to wait patiently before its root comes out in two or three weeks time as stated.

That’s my entry for Story Challenge: Letter “A”. Thanks to Frizztext who has created this such an inspiration challenge!

Hope you enjoyed it and any advice according to gardening will be appreciated. Thanks in advance! 🙂