Candid Photography: When A Bee Have Sunbathing


I was busy taking pictures of Freesia flowers when I saw one big bee was flying around from one flower to another one. I am not quite sure whether this bee is sort of Western honey bee (European honey bee).

Finally she landed on one flower for collecting nectar. I was observing her whilst standing still nearby. I then decided to approach her closely.

 “Hello there. What are you doing?” I whispered to the bee.

Sunbathing Bee

"Look at you! The buds all over your body!"

I squatted down and observed still.

Sunbathing Bee

"You are not finish yet, eh, are you?"

I decided to leave her on her own for a while and took some pictures of the flowers around without giving too much noise. I just didn’t want to disturb her.

Then I came back to check her…

Sunbathing Bee

"Oh! You are tired. I bet you are full right now. Enjoy the sunbathing, mate!"

When I was enjoying her sleeping then she started to move and all of sudden I saw her stood up right in front of me!

Sunbathing Bee

"What are you doing here? Are you stalking on me? Are you taking a candid picture of me?" asked the bee to me.

It was the first day in March 2012. Welcome to the spring!

*Camera: Kodak Easy Share C713