Love and Purity


Purity prepares the soul for love, and love confirms the soul in purity.

Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman

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I took those pictures of roses yesterday before sunset in a cloudy weather. I used Tamron AF 70-300mm and set my white balance for a cloudy one and played with its temperature colours to see the difference that it could made by.

I didn’t know how to set the temperature colours on my camera until one of very best friends of mine, Campanulla Della Anna, mentioned it in our discussions about photogaphy and also by reading this one of good articles: Understanding White Balance by Cambridge in Colour.

The picture in the middle is a RAW file and I edited it with Picassa by tuning its shadows and fill light up.

Do you like my experiments or would you like to give me any suggestions to improve my photography skills? Your comment will be much appreciated!

Special thanks to my friend Campanulladellaanna.

Have a great weekend!

Wrongly Set


Last night I tried to shoot the panorama of the sky but I seemed like wrongly set my camera so it turned out like these:

'Wrongly' Set

SS: 3S; f/5.6, WB: cloudy, without flash

'Wrongly' Set

SS: 2S; f/5.6; WB: cloudy; without flash

'Wrongly' Set

SS: 2S; f/5.6; WB: cloudy; Flash used

They were totally my mistake due to lack of knowledge of how to use a DSLR camera. I am new at it and still learning and practising. My friends said it turned out like that because I wrongly set their white balance. Any advice or suggestion of how to take night photography will be highly appreciated!

Thanks in advance. 🙂