Success Based on Spiritual Wealth


Success is not measured by material wealth but spiritual.

 My Simplicity


Therefore your spiritual wealth that will save you in the afterlife.

 My Simplicity

Photography and quotes by Inge.

The Truth and Humility


Jangan berharap kebenaran dapat ditemukan jika kita sudah menolaknya sejak awal. Oleh sebab itu tak ada cara lain menerima kebenaran selain merendahkan hati.


Do not expect the truth can be revealed if we reject it already since at the beginning. Therefore there is no other way to accept it unless we are willing to show a humility.





Forgive is not to forget. Forgive is to let it go. Do not hold a grudge against anyone who has treated you badly, but just forgive them instead. That’s how God has treated us, never hold a grudge against us though we have sinned many times. Instead He offers His hand to help us standing back up again every time we fall down.

~Reflection on FORGIVENESS~


by Inge