Universal Child

“So are you getting married with him?” asked Shuai to her best girlfriend, Lilian, when she’s just arrived in her apartment.

Lilian had just a dinner with Robert and he dropped her off to Shuai’s.

“We don’t know yet. We’ve just started to date so it’s too early to talk about it,” said Lilian with her shy smile in respond to Shuai.

“I know that. But you are not young anymore, are you? You’ve got to think about it,” said Shuai to remind Lilian about her age that nearly reaches 40 years old.

“And..?” asked Lilian wondering to what Shuai has just said.

“Lilian, you’ve got to start thinking about marriage. You are not young anymore. You need to think about your future children. You need to plan how many children you would like to have? How will you raise them up? You need and must to think about it because you are getting 40 years old in few years later. You are not going to have your children after 40, are you? That would be too old and risky for your pregnancy. Also it’s not a good idea to have a child when you were 40 or more as regards raising them up. And yet…”

“Stop it! You freak me out! Why are you panicking while I am not? You are funny.”

“Oh don’t be silly! I am not panicking of course! I just concern about you!”

“Concern about what? Marriage or children?”

“Both! Lilian, listen to me! Don’t you want or like to have your own children?”

“Yes, I do. But it’s still a mystery.”

“What do you mean by a mystery? It’s not a mystery unless you had a child without knowing who’s the father? “

“That’s not what I meant, silly. What I mean is we never know when you’ll have a baby or whether you’ll have a baby. It doesn’t matter whether you are married at 20 or 40. If God won’t give you that grace, you won’t have it no matter how hard you try to.”

“Oh please stop to preaching me. I don’t believe God and there’s nothing to do with your God. It’s about you and your husband, just it!”

“It doesn’t matter you believe Him or not. I am just telling you my opinion. Obviously if I got married I would like to have a baby, but if for some reason I can’t then it would be fine. Our children don’t have to come from our womb. If I couldn’t have my own baby then I would just adopt it. No need to be panicking about that.”

“Oh, you are joking me! Every woman would like to have their own baby. Don’t you know that?”

“Oh, really? If your statement was right then there’s never been any abortion. Unfortunately there is a lot of abortion that has happened. Why is that? Get real, woman!”

“So does it mean you would adopt a baby if you wouldn’t have it by any chance by the time you got 40? Is that what you are telling me? Oh my, that’s not my cup of tea. It’s obviously different having your own baby than others. It’s not the same. The feeling is not the same. “

“Oh yeah, that is you, not me. For me every child can be mine. It’s not necessary whether they come from my womb or not. None can chose from which womb they would like to be delivered by. It’s a mystery. And every child has their own life, their own destiny, their own fate, and so on. The parents don’t own their children’s life. Like Khalid Gibran said they come through you but they are not yours. The reason why you have such a thought is because you think we own them while we don’t. Can you imagine if you were an orphan for an instance and neither nobody nor family would like to adopt you because they prefer to have their own baby? You’ll sounding like in the song of Nobody’s Child. What a misery child!”


“Well, you are free to disagree with me and you can stick to your opinion or what you believe. But maybe you can give yourself some times to think about your future children if one day they became an orphan for an instance. Would you like them to be the child in that song?”

“No, not at all…”

“There you go then. From now on you don’t need to worry about not having a child if it’s God’s will. And if you could accept that fact perhaps you would have put a smile on a face of a child by then.”

“How comes? How it works?” asked Shuai wondering.

“It’s simple. It’s because you’ve lighted a hope for one child that there’ll be somebody or family who comes to take and make him or her as a part of their family. Wouldn’t it be sweet for you and them? asked Lilian while she’s smiling and winking to Shuai.


Dedicated to 1000 Burung Kertas

*Learning to write a fiction in English.

*Copied from my Kompasiana

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