Unknown Flower

These pictures were taken years ago in Liverpool with my Samsung Digimax A7 Digital Camera. It was my first camera that I ever could afford it.

I learned how to take a close up picture for the first time with that camera and these two were some of my results.

I called it unknown flower since I don’t know the name of it. Forgive me for my poor knowledge. I would be happy and give thanks if there is any of you can tell me the name of this flower.


My unknown flower1

My unknown flower


My unknown flower2

My unknown flower

8 thoughts on “Unknown Flower

    • You are right, Mark, though we don’t know the exact name of this flower. I’ve checked it on google about 5-Petaled White Flowers but still not found any yet that looks exactly like this.

      Thanks very much for helping me and have a great weekend! 🙂

    • Auw! Thanks very much for your support, Katie. Yes, I am glad now that at least I know now how to take a close up photography.

      Thanks very much, Katie.

        • oh, wow! You are very lucky then! Mine was falling into the beach by accident. But at the time it was still working until after few days later. Perhaps it caused by the salty water that ruined the components inside.

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