Hi, Beautiful! What is Your Name?

Hi, beautiful! What is your name? Is it Bird cherry?

My Bird Cherry

Are you Bird Cherry flowers?

I’ve been browsing on internet in order to find out the name of this flower. I ended up on a website called The Flower Expert and under ‘types of flowers’ tab and ‘wild flowers’ category, I found a similar look like this flower called Bird cherry or Prunus padus in Latin.

My Bird Cherry

Bird Cherry (?)

I remember one time when I was trying to eat its fruit back few months ago. I was so curious at the time. Unfortunately it tasted so bitter as it is said on that article. So don’t try this at home!

My Bird Cherry

Small and beautiful

I still am not so sure yet whether I am right about this flower. But despite its confusing name or genus, I hope that everybody enjoys the pictures.

My Bird Cherry

Whatever your name is called, I still enjoy it

Β Spring 2012. Kodak Easy Share C713.

8 thoughts on “Hi, Beautiful! What is Your Name?

    • nah ini yg jujur saya gak tahu pasti nama bunganya, mbak Deasy…hihihihihihi…kalau dari artikel2x yg saya baca, katanya pohonnya tinggi, sementara ini nggak, model bonsai. tp dari satu artikel juga yg linknya ada diatas, dikatakan bisa dijumpai disepanjang jalan bersama2x dgn bunga alder. dan memang ini berdampingan. buahnya jg spt yg ada pada artikel.

      jadi ya mungkin ini cherry blossom hanya pohonnya dibuat bonsai πŸ˜€

  1. The title of your post really got my attention, because I hear that all the time: “Hi, Beautiful! What’s your name?” Why are women always bothering me?? : P

    Lovely photos, Inge– a true breath of Spring! : )

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