Macrophotography by Using A Magnifying Glass

Few weeks ago one friend of mine at Kampretklik group suggested me to use a magnifying glass in order to produce macro images as one of his friend does it. The reason why he suggested me to use it instead of 50 mm lens, which I cannot afford it at the moment, is because I am keen to take pictures of small objects such as insects or something like that. It is pretty obvious that I cannot produce macro images with my Kodak Easy Share C713 for the objects that its dimension is about one cm or less.

So currently I am experimenting and still practicing to shoot macro images by combining my camera with my 60 mm and 5x of magnifying glass.

Here some of my results:

My macro using magnifying glass

Lotus corniculatus or Bird’s-foot-trefoil


My macro using magnifying glass

The bee, the fly, and garden grape-hyacinth flower (Muscari armeniacum)


My macro using magnifying glass

The bee and the flower that been torn by.


My macro using magnifying glass

The fly on the grass.


My macro using magnifying glass

A pair of ladybirds or ladybugs or 'kumbang koksi/kepik' in Indonesian.


34 thoughts on “Macrophotography by Using A Magnifying Glass

  1. Aaw! Your macro definitely has improved a lot (compare to your first attempt using magnifying glass). The photos are sharper and the background blurs nicely. Nicely done, Mbak Inge.

  2. Itu ada laler ijo, Mbak?
    Detail kepiknya cantik, Mbak. Jadi pengen belajar juga itu pake magnifying glass. Hmm, tapi dua2nya gak punya 😦 tapi nggak po2, tiada rotan raam pun jabi #KataMbakInge :))

    • iya, Naz….itu pepatah ala kampret hahahahahahahaahahahahaha.

      utk kaca pembesar, beli aja yg sangat murah, made in china. saya juga pakai yg itu, harganya disini hanya 1 pound. murah meriah cepat rusak =))

      • Hahahahha
        Dasar kampret, murah meriah cepat rusak wakakakaka

        Saya ngiler kamera digital, Mbak 😐
        Ada info2 yang murah tanpa cepat rusak wihihihihi

        • nah itu mbak Dwi bilang di HK murah, Naz…mungkin kalau beli online juga ongkos shippingnya gak mahal. cek aja lewat ebay.

          eh ada tuh salah satu penggemar fotografi dari malaysia yg saya follow blognya. kali2x aja dikau bisa tanya2x ke dia yg murah…ada dia komentar ditempatku yg ttg photo abstract.

          nanti daku share link blognya ke kamu, say

  3. Amazing work, Inge! I honestly had no idea it was even possible to take pictures using a magnifying glass. Your results were excellent. If you hadn’t mentioned using the magnifying glass, I never would have guessed.

    Poor ladybugs! I can almost hear them thinking: “Can’t we get a little privacy around here??” : )

    • hhhahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaa….all of my friends have said the same thing like yours about the ladybugs, hahhahahaahahahahahaa…
      Well..that’s not my fault. They were not suppose to do that in a public area. Good for them not to get fine. hahahahahahahaahahahaha

      I was the same as you about using the magnifying glass. I was quite surprise when my friend told me.

      Thank you very much for your compliment! 🙂

    • Sepakat, mas Citro. Itu sebabnya saya terus berlatih dan mengasah diri meski hanya sebatas hobi. 🙂

      Terimakasih sudah berkunjung ya. Mohon maaf telat balasnya karena komentarnya ‘nyangkut’ ke spam folder. 😀 hehheheheehehe

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